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Why Join CEO Marketing Path?

CEO Marketing Path is designed for Professional Marketers that understand that to get the best results you must speculate to accumulate, so when you pay for a service it will ultimately bring you better results.
Owned by seasoned Mailer Owner Klaus Biesel, you can be sure that we will be here for many years to come, and that we are committed to providing our members with the highest quality Professional Marketing Tools, and ensuring that our services will deliver genuine quality results.
We guarantee that CEO Marketing Path is a Cheat Free environment so your marketing efforts made within the site will never be wasted on "fake" members.

We handl things very strikt here. IMPORTANT, as member it is your obligation to maintain your email address properly or else your account is at risk to be deleted. Make mails from admin and members do not bounce, do not use autoresponders and do not use "trash - emailservices", make sure you remain active, login from time to time and read members mails. Do all that and you and the entire membership wil have the best performance experience.

What Do I Get For Free?

As a FREE member you will have the ability to make use of our Premium Quality based Professional Downline Builder. You will also be able to make use of our Link Tracking and Rotator Service, where you can create a Website Rotator and track up to 5 website links.In addition you will be able to make unlimited use of our Custom Banner Maker, which allows you to create your own Static promotional banners to give that unique touch to your banner advertising campaigns, and not only do we let you create the banner, we will even host it for you so you can benefit from it even without owning a website.

How Can I Use The Mailer?

To use the Mailer facility you must be a paid member. This is to ensure CEO Marketing Path is a Cheat Free Environment where only genuine members will be able to send mail.
You can pay a one time $5 fee to become a Marketer and make use of the Mailer, alternatively if you want to be able to earn a promotion to be eligible to level up, and unlock more benefits of our site, you can upgrade to Pro Level 1 and start to unlock the full benefits whilst getting on the Marketing Path to become CEO.

Why Should I Upgrade?

When you upgrade to Pro Level 1 you will become eligible to put yourself on the Marketing Path to earn a Promotion, and if you work hard enough you could become a CEO
As an upgraded member you will have full access to use the Mailer, as you progress through the ranks you will be able to make increasing use of the facilities offered on site.
So the harder you work with bringing sales in the more use you will be able to make of our Trackers & Rotators, you will even be able to remove the Header branding from the rotator if you want to.
At Pro Level 1 you will start off at a 30% commission level, you will be able to work on levelling up to a maximum of 70%.

How Do I Earn Credits To Send Mail?

To earn credits to send mail you must Read the mails sent to you by our other Professional members
In each of these mails there will be a link to click for you to earn credits. Clicking on this link will open a window displaying the site being promoted in the members email, to earn credit you must click on the correct Matching Icon in the header surfbar after the surf timer countdown reaches zero.

How Can I Earn A Promotion & Level Up My Account?

ALL members can earn a promotion from your sales performance including FREE members.
You must refer 10 Pro Level 1 members to earn a level upgrade.
FREE members and Marketers would be Upgraded to Pro Level 1 if they reached this target, Pro Level 1 would advance to Pro Level 2, and this pattern would continue with every 10 sales progressing through Pro Level 3 & Pro Level 4 before reaching the maximum level which is CEO.
With each Promotion earned the term of your Upgrade will be increased by 1 Year.

What Results Will I Get From My Advertising?

We can not guarantee what results you will get from your advertising.
Due to being a Pro Only Cheat Free environment you should by default get better results than on most mailers, but success will ultimately be dictated by how good or bad your mail content is.
Make sure you use a unique factual and simple subject line to get the most interest in your email. Keep the mail content to the point without going in to long descriptions, use HTML in your mailing to make it stand out and extract the key points from what you are promoting so that the member will click through and the site itself can do the detailed talking.

Can I Earn Cash?

At CEO Marketing Path we don't offer pointless incentives to click or be active as we don't need to fake our statistics. Professionals deal with facts, and also understand that the best rewards come from sales performance, so you can earn Commission on all purchases made by those that you Refer.
Commission levels range from 15% for FREE members, rising to 20% for Marketers, 30% for Pro Level 1 rising by 10% with each level increase until reaching the maximum 70% at CEO level.

When Can I Cash Out My Commission?

Members can request cashout when the commision due is $20
Submit your cashout request via TICKET to admin and state your Payza details.

How Do I Contact You?

You can contact admin by email
klaus-biesel (at)

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