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At CEO Marketing Path we reward our members when they deliver sales by upgrading their accounts.

Providing a complete marketing solution we offer:

  • Mailer exclusively for Upgraded members
  • Banner & Text Ad Advertising
  • FREE Premium Quality Based Downline Builder
  • Professional Link Tracking & Website Rotator Service
  • Online Banner Creator to make your own custom banners

Register for FREE and you can build your downlines using our downline builder & try out our link tracking & rotator service.

Now here comes the interesting part, where you can EARN a PROMOTION!

As a FREE member, if you refer 10 members that purchase an Upgrade, you will be Upgraded to Pro 1 for 1 year completely FREE!

If you are Upgraded you can EARN a PROMOTION to a Higher upgrade.

  • Only upgraded members can use our mailer - When a member pays to use a service it's a strong indicator that they will be far more likely to pay close attention to your offers and make purchases on those programs!
  • Make full use of our Professional Link Tracking & Website Rotator Service - You can even remove the Top Frame from the Rotator!
  • For every 10 members you refer that purchase an Upgrade you will be upgraded by 1 Level and your Upgrade term will be increased by 1 Year.
  • Your credit earn for read mails will increase with each level, as will the number of sites you can Track and number of Rotators you can create.

You want to buy your way to the top rather than work for it? For those of you that would rather pay to get to a higher level you can do that too!

You can purchase a higher upgrade at a cost of $20 for each higher step, with each increase adding 1 year on to the term of your upgrade.

For those of you that just want to make use of our Paid Members Only Mailer, you have the option of becoming a Marketer for a one time fee of just $5 to give you permanent access to our Mailer.

Premium Downline Builder

Most websites have disorganised Downline Builders with endless streams of programs to try and build the site owners downline.

At CEO Marketing Path we have a very different approach.

Our Downline Builder is sorted in to 5 categories, each of which will feature no more than 20 programs with an emphasis on Quality & Results.

All links in our Downline Builder can be Sponsored by YOU for just $20 a year per link, so YOU can benefit from having your User ID as the default setting.

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